Week 4 Nov. 25, 2012 Guest Author | Eric VanRaepenbusch Interview & Giveaway











Week 4 November 25, 2012 Guest Author | Eric VanRaepenbusch

Welcome! Eric, I’m so happy that you are joining this event “The Seven Weeks to Christmas Author Interviews & Giveaways.” Thank you so much for taking the time to come talk to us about your books.

I also wanted to thank you for your generous offer to give away a couple copies of  your books to commenter’s of this blog. What a wonderful Christmas gift to our winners!

Eric and I met online about two years ago, another author told me about his blog: http://www.happybirthdayauthor.com/ where authors are celebrated on their birthday. BTW, awesome idea Eric. I contacted Eric, and he scheduled an interview with me.  So, I felt it was only fitting, to reciprocate, and interview Eric as he has been super busy and turned out a book or two of his own. Please join me in welcoming author and illustrator of  four books titled Three Ghost Friends series, Eric VanRaepenbusch.

With that said, I will let Eric tell you more…



Author Bio:

Eric VanRaepenbusch is a stay-at-home dad, blogger, and read aloud extraordinaire. He creates memorable reading experiences by celebrating children’s author and illustrator birthdays. His blog, Happy Birthday Author, shares his family’s reading experiences to encourage other families to read together. A speech pathologist and mother of three boys described his Three Ghost Friends series as, ”This series is a must-have for a child’s library! Learn About Colors is the perfect length and uses predictable text, which keeps little ones engaged. The subject of mixing colors is now ingrained in my kids’ heads as a result of Three Ghost Friends!”

1. When did you publish your first book?

I published Three Ghost Friends: Learn About Colors as an eBook at the Apple iBookstore for iPad, iPhone, and iPodTouch in January 2012. It became available for Kindle in August 2012.  Then, in September 2012, I was so pleased to have a print version of the book available on Amazon!


2. Could you give us a description of what the book is about?

Three Ghost Friends: Learn About Colors begins with the Three Ghost Friends eating a strawberry, banana, and a blueberry. One ghost friend turns red, another turns yellow, and the third ghost friend turns blue.  Initially, they are quite shocked to be primary colors, but quickly realize it is quite fun! The Three Ghost Friends have fun until something unexpected happens while the ghosts are playing (I’ll give you a hint. It has something to do with color mixing and secondary colors). The Three Ghost Friends learn that mixing colors can be fun too, but all the playing makes them very tired! In the end, the Three Ghost Friends think of a way to change back to white and keep smiles on their faces.


3. What was the feeling like when you held your published book in your hand for the first time?

It was a big accomplishment.  For years, I had been celebrating and admiring children’s authors and illustrators on my blog, Happy Birthday Author. I saw how each author’s books made an impact on my children as I read to them before bedtime.  I made it my goal to publish a children’s book that families could experience together. To be honest, I was nervous when I published my books. Lots of questions went through my head – Would parents buy my book? Would they like it? I will never forget when parents sent me videos on Facebook of them reading my books with their children. It felt so awesome to know that a child enjoyed something that I created.


4. Please tell us about your latest book? Where can viewers purchase it?

There are now four Three Ghost Friends books available as eBooks and print books. In addition to the Three Ghost Friends: Learn About Colors there is Three Ghost Friends: Learn About Opposites, Three Ghost Friends: Learn About Shapes, and a Halloween book that did quite well, Three Ghost Friends: Learn About the ABCs – Halloween Edition.


All of these books can be purchased on Amazon in print or as eBooks for the Kindle. The print books qualify for Amazon’s 4-for-3 promotion which allows you to get the whole series at a significant discount!


Three Ghost Friends eBooks are also available at the Apple iBookstore for iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch.

5. Where online can people find you?

You can find out more about the Three Ghost Friends series at www.threeghostfriends.com.  Available on the website are over 50 activities and printables for toddlers and preschoolers. The materials can be used before, during, and after reading all the Three Ghost Friends books and they are all FREE of charge!


Three Ghost Friends is also on Facebook and Twitter: https://www.facebook.com/ThreeGhostFriends


I also have a very popular Three Ghost Friends Pinterest Board that is loaded with tons of Ghost related food, crafts, and fun!



Virginia, thank you so much for the interview! I am so excited for your latest book too!

Thank you , Eric! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I enjoyed having you here. I wish you much success with your books. Happy Sales!









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21 thoughts on “Week 4 Nov. 25, 2012 Guest Author | Eric VanRaepenbusch Interview & Giveaway

  1. Hi Virginia, I love this interview with Eric. His excitement is soooo contagious when talking about his stories!!!!! I will be visiting his website!!!!

  2. Hi Kathy, Thank you for stopping by for Eric VanRaepenbusc’s interview. Yes, I agree…his stories are contagious. I know he would appreciate you visiting his website! -Virginia

  3. Kathy and Theresa, thank you so much!

    One thing I did not mention in the interview was that my youngest son was my main inspiration for the series. After last Halloween, he became obsessed with ghosts and was constantly asking me to draw them. One thing led to another and the THREE GHOST FRIENDS were born.

    I hope you stop by http://www.threeghostfriends.com to see all the activities that are available for the books. It was important for me to offer lots of things to do with the books. I LOVE reading books to my four children and then doing activities! Keeps us busy!!

  4. Sounds wonderful for children.I wish you the best of luck with your books! I love seeing fathers involved in their childrens education. :)

  5. Hi Eric, first of all I want to say, I love to hear that you are a stay at home dad! And to be inspired by your little one, that is so awesome. Some of my kids favorite memories is me reading them bedtime stories, and authors who write childrens books like you and Virginia, well, you sure bring smiles and give memories to so many children. I remember my sons favortie book was” A Ghost named Gus, he is now 21, can’t remember the authors name, but reading became his favorite hobby and to this day he still loves books and hints quite often of ones he would like for his birthday, Christmas, etc. My Grandmother gave me a love for books when I was little, and I have always encouraged my children to read, read, read! As a mom who had five children, I enjoyed our reading times together, and authors’ who write childrens books, well, you all rock!!!! Best of luck with your books.

  6. Nancy, Thanks for stopping by my blog to read Eric VanRaepenbusch’s interview, and also for sharing your story about your son’s fondness of reading. A Ghost Named Gus might be written by Jane Thayer, she has a whole series of ghost books. Thanks for saying we rock–touched my heart! -Virginia

  7. Nancy, it is funny that you mention “Gus was a Friendly Ghost”. My uncle just gave me, on Thanksgiving Day, his copy that he read when he was little! I really enjoyed reading it — especially now that I am obsessed with ghosts just like my son!

    Thank you for all the compliments! I am very blessed to be a stay-at-home dad.

  8. @Virginia, great interview with eric! @eric, very interesting book series, sounds like fun good reads! :-)

  9. Terrific interview! I think one of the best things we can give our children is the love for reading. You’re a terrific Dad, Eric. I loved your answers.

  10. Do I dare brag, that Eric is my son? Eric’s Dad and I are so proud of many things that Eric has accomplished,including Three Ghost Friends, but we are most proud of the fact that he is a stay at home Dad,a difficult choice these days. He has a beautiful family and he has given them all so many priceless gifts. And behind every successful Three Ghost Friends author is an amazing Three Ghost Friends wife!

  11. Anne, Yes, It is okay to dare brag about your son! I’m so happy that you came by my blog to check out the interview I did with Eric. That is a very sweet message that you left, and I wanted to add to your statement (that behind every successful Three Ghost friends author is an amazing Three Ghost Friends wife)…Also, behind every successful son–is his mother! Eric is very fortunate to have you, Mrs. VanRaepenbusch.

    -Virginia Wright

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