February 17, 2013 – Author Interview With Joe Pranaitis

Today my guest author is Joe Pranaitis. Please give Joe a big round of applause (clap – clap, woo hoo !)  Thanks everyone for stopping by my blog. As you know, now and again I have been hosting guest authors, as I wanted to bring various authors and genres to my followers. With every interview – I ask authors to do a giveaway.  Joe has graciously said he will be giving away four of his books and (1) $25 Amazon gift card to commenters. I’m thrilled with his generous offer. Please enjoy the interview, and stop by Joe’s social media sites now and again to give him a shout-out.  Don’t forget to comment at the end of this interview for your chance of winning one of Joe’s gifts he is giving away.
On with the interview…

-Virginia Wright

Joe Pranaitis

I was born in East Chicago Indiana, I graduated from Calumet College of St. Joseph with a degree in business management, which helps since I am a co-founder of Shareef Entertainment LLC a company which will produce movies and TV shows. And all of this is because I began writing the concepts for my first book in 1996 when my art teacher at EC Central gave me the assignment to create a comic book but during the summer between the time that I graduated high school and started college I adapted those stories into a trilogy and now that first story is the first chapter of my first book.

How long have you been writing? I’ve been writing since I was a kid but everything did’t come together until my junior and senior years in high school when my art teacher assigned me to create my own comic book, I ended up writing and drawing two comic books the first was a sequel to a story that I had yet to write and the second was the last in a trilogy that when I adapted both stories into a full blown short story trilogy in summer of 1996 everything began to spark brighter than it had with the other stories that had I written.
Probably your art teacher saw the potential in you…and gave you that assignment on purpose!
Where does the inspiration come from for your stories? My inspiration for most of my stories come from ideas that I would like to try or settings that I can’t stop thinking about.
I love the ideas that come from waking up at night after dreaming!
Are you a fiction or non-fiction writer? I am a fiction writer, and now I can include screenwriter into that as well since I just co-wrote my first screenplay.
That is wonderful to hear that you just co-wrote your first screenplay–I wish you all the best with it!
Could you tell us about your latest writing project? My latest writing project was a screenplay that I co-wrote but I can’t give out any details yet because a couple of studio’s are currently looking at it.
I won’t pry. However, when it is okay for you talk about it, I’d love to have you come back with an update!
When writing do you prefer silence or do you like listening to music? I like listening to music because it keeps me focused on the project whether it’s a short story or a chapter or a screenplay I have to have music to focus my thoughts.
I definitely like to listen to music when I am working on illustrations, however, sometimes music is not my best friend when I try to concentrate on a particular thought for my stories. :-)
Where online can viewers find you e.g., web, blog, social media sites?
Viewers can find me on facebook, twitter,  goodreads, and I am posting new short stories on figment.com. To purchase books go to Amazon.com.
Thank you for stopping by Joe, I wish you all the best with your screenplay, as well as Infinite Possibilities!


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14 thoughts on “February 17, 2013 – Author Interview With Joe Pranaitis

  1. I am always there to win more books for my collection that I am getting started so thank you for this chance or any chances that I get.
    Thank you Karen.

  2. Great interview Virginia. Joe Pranaitis is from my area (near Chicago). I liked reading about Joe’s comic book connection as I used to write and draw my own comics when I was a kid. But unlike him, mine were just for fun. I found the fact that he wrote a screenplay fascinating. I am going to start following him.

    Dennis Higgins – Author

  3. Sherry – Thanks for stopping by…you made me laugh about you paying more attention to the music instead of writing. No doubt, since besides you being a wonderful writer, you are also a musician after all! :-) Sometimes, I just have to listen to music when I write–but more often, I listen to music when I illustrate.

  4. Dennis, I enjoyed reading about Joe’s comic book connection too. It was fun to hear about you enjoying to draw and make your own comics when you were a kid too. Joe will appreciate your follow, I’m sure! -Virgnia

  5. Hi Karen, Thanks for stopping by…I am starting to get a collection of my own! I so enjoying reading books in Paperback and eBook. Wish you the best of luck in Joe’s giveaway! -Virginia

  6. I loved reading about how Joe has come along way in his writing career. Keep up the good work Joe. Thanks Virginia for sharing.

  7. What an intriguing interview! Joe is definitely a reader’s writer! The mystery atmosphere in this interview makes me want to discover his writings in comic book, books and screenplay! I will browse the sites to learn more! Fabulous interview Virginia! Thank you!

  8. Karen–Thanks so much for stopping by! Yes, Joe is a bit mysterious….I will definitely have to have a follow-up with him when he can talk more about the screenplay. Wising you the best, Karen. -Virginia

  9. I have enjoyed your very interesting interview, Joe. I am very impressed that you have a wide range of writing skills and it’s very obvious that you enjoy what you do….from writing your books to writing a screenplay. The comfort of doing this with music playing states the simple fact that you love what you do….you also sound like you are very comfortable in “a writers world”. Continue to enjoy what you do and we will continue to follow your writings. :-) Thanks so much Virginia for inviting Joe to your blog. ~Kathy~

  10. I wanted to thank everyone for all of the comments and the shares on all of the sites, this interview/contest has been one of my highlights as a writer and once again I thank you all, and yes I will be back once I’ve found out if the script has been greenlighted or not. :D

  11. It was a pleasure having you on my blog, Joe! My viewers enjoyed your interview. I’m extending an invitation to you, to come back when you have found out about your script. By the way, I wish you all the best with that. :-) -Virginia

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