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When The Recipe Weekly first came live on the net in 2012, I received a message from someone asking for recipes using “Maltitol sweetener” It took me several months while getting situated on the WWW, but I gathered links from various writers, bloggers, recipe sites and forums on the Internet so that folks can read about Maltitol and make their own choices on to use or not to use, and recipes to try or not. I do not endorse the sweetener, a particular brand, or any of the websites or blogs I am including. However, I do feel that an ‘informed consumer is the best consumer.’

Browse the link references I’ve included below:

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Recipe Source:

6.) Where to buy Joseph’s Maltitol Sweetener Syrup 12.oz

What is Maltitol and  Cooking With Maltitol Sweetener

Maltitol is a sugar substitute – used by diabetics and for those people who want less sugar. Maltitol is often touted as a low-calorie sugar substitute; and considered a “sugar” by low-carbers.

Cooking with Maltitol is not an easy task from all the blogs and forums I have been reading.  The syrup can be used to sweeten coffee, tea, and other drinks you would normally sweeten with sugar. You can also supposedly use the syrup in place of corn syrup in recipes, baking with the crystals.

I personally have not used the maltitol syrup, crystals or powder in cooking or baking. I use Organic cane sugar, pure honey, and maple syrup in sweetening any recipes I make.However, I am not a diabetic…just the same, wherever I can, I lighten up on the sugar amount in recipes that I make for a lower-carb recipe.

Enjoy! Now go cook!

-Virginia Wright

If you have a “Maltitol” Tried and True Recipe that you have made with great success…and would like to share–send a copy of your recipe by eMail to: recipesubmission [at] Give us permission to use your recipe on The Recipe Weekly, and include your first name and city and state you are from, along with a photo of the recipe. If we publish it on The Recipe, it enters you into The Recipe Weekly yearly giveaway!

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