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Growing MushroomsPhoto Copyright by Cindy

Growing Mushrooms
Photo Copyright by Cindy

 Shiitake mushrooms are a true delight! When I first had Shiitakes, it was after listening to a program on TV talking about adding mushrooms to foods as a filler. The point being–you won’t have to eat as much meat and you will get lots of fiber and other nutrients. I went out and bought very large shiitake caps. I came home and fixed them in butter and put them on top of a thinner hamburger than usual,  lettuce and mayo, no bread. I served it up on the plate. The family was quite pleased with this bread-less treat. However, I wasn’t quite sure that I even liked this type of mushroom…at first.

But then…our friend Cindy, gave us some of her shiitake mushrooms that she grows. Oh, my goodness!

What a difference to get hand cut, clean, fresh mushrooms right from her local farm.

Fried Shiitake Mushrooms 

Shiitake Mushrooms Sm Copyright Virginia Wright 2013

Shiitake Mushrooms Sm Copyright Virginia Wright 2013

I don’t mind eating the stems when the mushrooms are smaller. I get out a large frying pan and put about 1 tbsp of Organic butter in the bottom, then add the mushrooms, and let the butter melt into the mushrooms. Turn the burner up on about medium heat, lightly salt the mushrooms and frequently stir so as not to burn the mushrooms. Cook until they are golden brown, and done to taste, about 10 minutes. Shiitake mushrooms have a taste all of their own.

If you don’t like eating the stems, simply pull them off and only cook the caps. But save the stems and grind them up and put them in your meatloaf, or hamburgers as a filler. You won’t have to use as much meat as you normally would, and that means you get a little less saturated fat as you aren’t eating as much meat. You feel full quicker from the fiber replacement too. A win-win situation!

Shiitake Mushrooms by Cindy2

Growing Mushrooms
Photo Copyright by Cindy

Thanks Cindy for letting me use your photos! And for the true introduction into shiitake mushrooms!






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