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Butterfly Watercolour by Charu of a Monarch Butterfly by Nature Photographer Virginia Wright

A week or so ago, I posted a Monarch butterfly photograph that I took in my bee and butterfly garden. Many of you know that one of my favorite things to do besides writing is photographing nature and foodstuff.  Well, on Facebook,  I posted this beautiful Monarch butterfly feasting on Joe-Pye Weed (above), and Charu Jain of Watercolour by Charu,  from Bangalore, India, messaged me that she would like to paint my photograph. I told her I didn’t mind, but if she used it anywhere, that I would like to be given credit for my photograph. :-) Charu agreed, and quickly got to work and created a beautiful watercolor of my butterfly. We both captured a moment in time from that one photograph. As my photograph inspired Charu to do her watercolor, my photographs inspire me in my illustrations, too. As a matter of fact, I illustrated two butterfly coloring books (go figure). Practice Your Way to Perfect: Butterflies Coloring Book and Practice Your Way to Perfect: Butterflies Coloring Book 2. I’ve always loved watching butterflies flitting here and there with their beautiful colors, it seemed fitting for me to illustrate a coloring book with butterflies. :-) You can find more of my nature photography on Instagram.  Charu is the illustrator of Ten Zany Birds by Sherry Ellis. You can learn more about Charu here. It touched my heart to have such a talented artist want to paint “my” photography. Beautiful job Charu! Thank you for wanting to paint my butterfly. Xo

-Virginia Wright


Crying Bear by Virginia Wright #1 Amazon Best-Seller in Children’s Bear Books  July 24,2016.









Buzzzzzzzz What Honeybees Do by Virginia Wright #1 Amazon Best-Seller in Children’s Bug & Spider Books July 10, 2016.








Timothy the Christmas Mouse Coloring Book by Virginia Wright brought home the Silver in the 2016 AUTHORSdb Cover Contest. Author Virginia Wright designed the unique cover and the holiday illustrations for the coloring pages within the book. This is a companion to the adorable storybook, Timothy the Christmas Mouse.










Wild Animal Soundswritten by Virginia Wright has been entered in the 2015  Authorsdb Cover Contest.

Semi Finalist 2015 contest

Update: Wild Animals Sounds became a SEMI-FINALIST in the AUTHORSdb Cover Contest.




********************************************************************************Gold Winner_Book Cover Finalist 2014 Authorsdb

Steampunk Alice, written by Dennis Higgins,  and cover illustrated by (Virginia Wright),  was awarded the “GOLD” in the Authorsdb 2014, Cover Contest.







Indie Book of the Day_Buzzzzzzzz


Virginia Wright Author, received an  “INDIE BOOK OF THE DAY” AWARD,  August 7, 2014 for her book: Buzzzzzzzz What Honeybees Do.

Indie Book of the Day for ‘life’ page.






Virginia Wright Author, received an  “INDIE BOOK OF THE DAY” AWARD, March 10, 2014 for her book: The Christmas Secret.







Virginia Brown Wright, EzineArticles Basic Author

Virginia Wright Author, received EXPERT AUTHOR @ Ezine Articles, May 24, 2012, with 15 earned achievements!



April 21, 2011 OGLEBAY  ZOO – WHEELING, WEST VIRGINIA- “Buzzzzzzzz What Honeybees Do by Virginia Wright” was highlighted at a presentation by Daniel Caron, MS, CAGS, an international speaker, a program facilitator, trainer and consultant (
Caron presented a program about Apiary Promotion and Product Development through Photography. Buzzzzzzzz was not only highlighted, but also part of a fundraiser for the Tri-State Beekeepers Association that encompasses beekeepers in Ohio, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania.

Buzzzzzzzz is written by Virginia (Brown) Wright who was born and raised in Belfast, Maine. Her recently released 26 page book was chosen for Caron’s highlight as it is not only packed with almost 2,000 words of simplified text that teaches children and adults about what honeybees do, but because through her photographs you see honeybee’s in their environment.

For Author Information:

Virginia Wright Books

Facebook: virginiabrownwright Blog:

Tri-State Beekeepers Association:

Oglebay Good Zoo
Route 88 N,
Wheeling, WV 26003
+1 (304) 243-4030

Nature Nomad – Daniel Caron, MS, CAGS, is also a nature photographer and most famously known for his “frog” photography (

“By doing one of the very simplest of things such as planting a flower garden with flowers that honeybees prefer, this book teaches young boys and girls to be caretakers of one of our greatest pollinators, the honeybee,” said Virginia Wright, author of “Buzzzzzzzz What Honeybee’s Do”. Virginia Wright first became a published author in 1981 to provide young readers everywhere with a smile, laugh, or an educational piece of information.

Her site offers a range of preschool activity pages free to download, and are month and theme based.

Virginia resides in the Down East Maine area. If you’d like more information about this author: to schedule an interview, author visit, library reading, or to have her present as a speaker, contact Virginia Wright:  info (at ) virginiawright (dot) com.

MORE ABOUT BUZZZZZZZZ WHAT HONEYBEES DO BY VIRGINIA WRIGHT: For her book she went inside the beehive as “Nature Photographer” to take live photos. When asked why she didn’t illustrate this book like
she did her others, she was quoted as saying “I wanted to show children real photographs of the bees.”  “How many children have seen a honeybee’s
tongue?” I bring that to you in Buzzzzzzzz What Honeybees Do.”  The photo featured on the book cover is of a honeybee feasting on the very top of a purple thistle.


JACOBSBURG, OHIO – ( August 27, 2010 AUTHOR RADIO INTERVIEW- Virginia Wright, four-time Author
and Illustrator of the books Buzzzzzzzz What Honeybees Do, Crying Bear, The
Prince and the Castle, and The Prince and the Dragon; is being interviewed on
August 27th at 11:30 a.m. by Radio Show Host Don McCauley on the Authors Radio and TV Show ( The Interview will air that night at midnight and run for 24 hours.

Virginia Wright Radio Interview


JACOBSBURG, OHIO – ( July 26, 2010 AUTHOR TO BE FEATURED- Virginia Wright, four-time Author and
Illustrator of the books Buzzzzzzzz What Honeybees Do, Crying Bear, The Prince and the Castle, and The Prince and the Dragon; is being featured on Filedby ( Thursday July 30, 2010.  Filedby, is the most comprehensive online directory of book authors on the Internet. If you can’t go see the feature that day, the author will be featured continuously for one week.


JACOBSBURG, OHIO– ( July 24, 2010 PHOTO BY OHIO AUTHOR FEATURED— the book jacket designed by Virginia Wright for her latest release “Buzzzzzzzz What Honeybees Do,” is being featured at (  Wright said, “The photo is of a Honeybee
feasting atop a purple thistle; it was taken along an Ohio creek.”

Made the news!!!!

Author Article - Machias Valley News Observer

I made the news!!!  Machias Valley News Observer Writer, Ruth Leubecker, interviewed (me)Virginia Wright, at Peavey Memorial Library in Eastport, Maine, when I was attending a library reading. Here is the newspaper screenshot of the article. I’m excited! Thank you Ruth, and Machias Valley News Observer.

 Author Reading

Peavey Memorial Library in Eastport, Maine was very kind in hosting my author read this month. I read my latest book release “Crying Bear, Yes Bears Cry Sometimes Too.” All children that attended the read received coloring sheets, crayons, stickers, and their choice of one of my books.

Machias News Observer reporter, Ruth Leubecker, sat in on the read and did an interview with me afterwards. A great article and photo went in the newspaper the following week. Many thanks go out to you Ruth for making the trip to Eastport, Maine to do a story on me!

Any school interested in hiring me to do an author visit please contact:

info [at] virginiawright [dot] com

I will be more than happy to go over my fee, and program.



Virginia Wright, Author Peavey Memorial Library, Eastport, Maine

March 31, 2011 Two of my book covers are being featured on, SpanNet. The Prince and the Dragon, and Buzzzzzzzz What Honeybees Do. Thank you SpanNet!

The Princess and the Dragon by Virginia Wright

The Prince and the Dragon


Buzzzzzzzz What Honeybees Do


Author Interview by Eric @ Birthday 

March 19, 2011

Eric Van Raepenbusch founder of Happy Birthday celebrated “me” as an author on my birthday March 19, 2011. My latest release, Buzzzzzzzz What Honeybees Do was the topic of conversation. Eric said, “I found this non-fiction book to be a beneficial resource for parents and children looking to learn more about honeybees. Reading the book and refreshing my knowledge of honeybees might get me motivated to try beekeeping for the first time this Spring.”

To view more information about this interview:

November 2010 

Mr. Paperback in Ellsworth, Maine Carrying Autographed copies of  Buzzzzzzzz What Honeybees Do by Virginia Wright  (Limited-Time) only.



Thursday, October 21, 2010 

Guest Speaker and Book Signing – October 2010 Machias, Maine, at Retired TeachersVirginia Wright 2010 Meeting, Bluebird Restaurant Machias, Maine. book_signing_speaker2010


Friday, August 27, 2010

Author Radio Show Interview Now Scheduled!

AUGUST 27, 2010 11 A.M. – Don McCauley from the Authors Radio and TV show will be interviewing four-time author of children’s books, Virginia Wright. The author will be discussing her latest book release “Buzzzzzzzz What Honeybees Do.”

Note: Interviews play from 12am ET for 24hrs. Weekend reruns start on Fridays for 3 days. More details about this event and where you can listen to Virginia Wright’s interview will be coming soon.



Monday, August 2, 2010

JACOBSBURG, OHIO August 2, 2010 ( FEATURED AUTHOR: Virginia Wright four-time author is one of six authors being featured this week at Virginia’s latest book “Buzzzzzzzz What Honeybees Do” is being showcased. Wright was born and raised in Belfast, Maine. She presently is living in Ohio with her husband. She has written three other books: Crying Bear, The Princess and the Castle, and The Prince and the Dragon. Virginia Wright was recently featured as an author on the websites, Happy Birthday,, and Upcoming works include “The Christmas Secret” being released late fall 2012.


Monday, June 14, 2010    Author Interview by Eric @ Happy Birthday                                 

Happy Birthday interviewed me (Virginia Wright, Author) last week and they just posted the interview. Go check it out, and post a comment on their website, it makes you eligible to win two of my books, Crying Bear and The Prince and the Dragon. If you tweet about it, or place info about it on your facebook, etc. you get a second entry, but you need to mention that you did it in your posted comment. Good luck!


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