The Princess and Castle By Virginia Wright

*         ISBN-10: 145051054X

*      ISBN-13: 978-1450510547

*      LCCN 2010902062

Description:  Join in on the fun for a day and follow Elisabeth after she receives an incredible gift for her birthday; and with this amazing gift– she discovers a magical world just beyond, where she has one adventure after another.



The Princess and the Dragon by Virginia Wright

The Prince and the Dragon

The Prince and Dragon By Virginia Wright

*        ISBN-10: 1451507682

*        ISBN-13: 978-1451507683

*        LCCN 2010902752

Description: Join in on the fun for a day and follow Tyler after he receives an amazing gift for his birthday. With this unusual gift he discovers a magical world just beyond, where he learns that an act of kindness helps another overcome his fear of being unlike others.



Crying Bear

Crying Bear By Virginia Wright

*        ISBN-10: 1450587941

*        ISBN-13: 978-1450587945

*        LCCN 2010902314

Description: Join this very adventurous little bear cub, as she wanders too far from the den in the snow covered mountains of Maine.



Cover Front_Final_14_3Wild Animal Sounds by Virginia Wright is an interactive picture book, cleverly designed with simple text and a phrased paragraph pattern to help teach children sounds. Not only is this a great learning experience for your pre-schooler, it also provides an ideal opportunity for parents and caregivers to bond with their child in a fun yet educational way. Relive your childhood by taking an imaginary tour of the jungle! Rawr, Gr-aaaaa-ah, G-r-r-r-r-r, like a bear, MMM-ow and Psshhh, like the tallest of giraffes before hunkering down and howling like a coyote: Rup-rup-rup-aroo. While introducing your child to some of the most popular animals in the wild and the funny sounds they make, Wild Animal Sounds will help them develop a sound, word, and picture association. Wild Animal Sounds is a perfect fit for children who are just learning to talk.

  • ISBN-10: 1494337568
  • ISBN-13: 978-1494337568
  • LCCN  2014910200
  • BISAC: Juvenile Fiction / Animals / Jungle Animals


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