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1. Dennis Higgins, Author  (Recipe: Chocolate Dipped Peanut Butter Pretzel Bites)

2. Carol Englehaupt, Author  (Recipe: Kale Chips)

3. Launa McNeilly (Recipe: Baked Stuffed Lobster)

4. Carly Ellen Kramer (Recipe: How to Bake a Chocolate Soufflé )


Through my travels abroad, as well as on the WWW, I meet many interesting people. I love to cook, and because of that love, I became a recipe developer and food photographer. I shoot photos of nearly everything I fix. Everything from the ingredients to the finished product. Often I adapt my recipes for a healthier version where I see fit…hence calling myself “Queen of Recipe Adaptation.” I am very careful with the ingredients I purchase to bake with–experimenting in what I call “The Test Kitchen.” Which is nothing more than the kitchen in my home, but it is where I cook, bake, adapt, and of course test everything I fix–and is where all the cooking magic happens.   I am also a freelance writer–I’ve been writing since I was just a little girl, and started out with writing poetry, then moved into opinion articles on newspaper websites, then to cooking, and children’s writing. Because of being an author, I meet many other authors…and I created the “Authors Cook” page here on my blog. The recipe section of my blog is The Recipe Weekly. Authors if you have not submitted your tried and true recipe, please do.

Now, go cook….

-Virginia Wright


eMail: info [at] therecipeweekly [dot] com

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