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When I am not writing one of my own books, one of my favorite things to write about is other authors and post author interviews here on my blog. The reason for this is, I am bringing my readers into the world of writers.  As a writer and a seventeen time-book author myself, other authors never cease to amaze me. I have met some wonderful and talented writers, illustrators, and photographers that I now have meaningful relationships with, and all through doing interviews on the WWW. I hope that you will enjoy reading about some of my favorites. You may already know who some of these great talents are,  if not, maybe you will learn a little more about them. :-) Please follow my blog and you will be updated with new author interviews and other posts as they are published.  Other talented authors and illustrators not posted below but are mentioned on this blog are Vijai Sharma, Ashley Howland, Joe McCarthy, Jodi Desautels, Mario Joseph Cardarelli, Joe Landers, Ree Villaruel, and Alexa Bourne.

Enjoy!  –Virginia Wright

These author interviews are not posted in any particular order:

Deanie Dunne

Friday Spotlight: Deanie Dunne, Children’s Writer

Pistachio Cake Recipe

Dennis Higgins


Recipe| Dessert| Chocolate Dipped Peanut Butter Pretzel Bites by Dennis Higgins


Tracy Campbell


Sherry Ellis

Guest Author: Sherry Ellis Author of Ten Zany Birds

Paulette Forshey


Joe Pranaitis

February 17, 2013 – Author Interview With Joe Pranaitis

Eric VanRaepenbusch

Week 4 Nov. 25, 2012 Guest Author | Eric VanRaepenbusch Interview & Giveaway

Launa McNeilly

Week- 4 November 25, 2012 Guest Author | Launa McNeilly Interview & Giveaway

Rhonda Patton

Guest Author Rhonda Patton, Is A Super Talented Author and Graphic Artist!


Jeremy Hawkins

Week 5 – Dec. 2, 2012 An Interview With Graphic Designer/Author | Jeremy Hawkins & Giveaway

Daniel Caron


Jane Firebaugh



Lisa Winkler

Week 5 – Dec. 2,2012 Guest Author | Lisa K. Winkler Interview & Giveaway

Catherine Wolffe

Week 2 – Nov. 11, 2012 Guest Author | Catherine Wolffe Interview & Giveaway


Sarah Bowman

Week-3 November 18, 2012 Guest Author | Sarah Bowman Interview & Giveaway

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Author Ingrid Hall & THE TUNNEL BETWIXT Indie and Proud–Review & Interview

Through writing, and being a social media butterfly…I have been fortunate enough to have met a number of  talented writers along the way,  “Author Ingrid Hall,” certainly falls into that category.  My goodness, this woman, is a creative writer…when talking with her about doing her Indie and Proud Interview, I mentioned I would like it in some way to fit the theme of my blog and maybe she could include a recipe from one of her characters that they would have made. I told you she was talented…she obliged me, and has so graciously included a recipe. I can’t wait for you to meet her, so on with the interview…


Author Ingrid Hall

And  now, I present you the interview I am hosting with Author Ingrid Hall. Read through the entire interview and you will find the recipe. Enjoy!  

Hello Ingrid, It’s lovely as always to talk to you!  For those readers that have to meet you, can you tell us where you are from?

Hey Virginia, You KNOW that I adore spending time with you! I am from Newcastle Upon Tyne, which is in the North East of England, very close to the border with Scotland.

Your latest novella, “The Tunnel Betwixt…” has recently been released.  Can you tell us a little bit about it?

Yes, without wanting to go into too much detail because I am aware that this is a family friendly blog, The Tunnel Betwixt…picks up right after the main character, Julia, is run over by a car and chronicles her Near Death Experience as she is sent hurtling into the tunnel that many of us go through when we die.

Wow! How on earth did you come with the idea for that?

I actually had a Near Death Experience of my own, when a routine operation went badly wrong in my mid-twenties.  While Julia’s journey is unique, I was able to draw to a certain extent upon my own experience.

What can you tell us about Julia?

Julia is very middle class, very British and as unlike the characters that I normally write about as it is possible to get! She is also happily married to Simon, a soldier who has only just recently returned from a tour of Afghanistan, and she also has a very deep bond with her mother…

Can you tell us briefly what you have coming up next?

Guess what Virginia? I am changing direction yet again! I am currently working on some, shall we say, “naughty” material under the pseudonym Luna Ballantyne.  I have started work on a novel based around the Newcastle witches, which will definitely be steamy, but have decided to write two novella length stories in the build up to it which will hopefully lead people nicely down the route I want to take them, while giving me the opportunity to experiment with my raunchier side!   I am hoping to get the first one out by this Autumn at the very latest.

Tell us about Indie and Proud…

Indie and Proud is a campaign that I am fronting throughout 2014 aimed at connecting readers with some of the most diverse indie authors currently around.  Stop by our Facebook page for regular updates, giveaways and much, much more!

The Tunnel Betwixt is available at the following links:The Tunnel Betwixed front cover



Barnes and Noble:




A dramatic account of a near death experience (nde), The Tunnel Betwixt, is narrated in first person, by the mind’s eye of the protagonist, a young woman who has suffered a near fatal accident. The novella centers around the journey through the infamous tunnel reported by many nde witnesses. The story opens as our protagonist enters the tunnel, and the action of the book takes place entirely within this realm.

This book could be classified as psychological drama, fantasy adventure, spiritual fiction, or even autobiography, as the author draws heavily on her own nde (even though she says her experience was nothing like this story). The protagonist is a thinly veiled persona of the author, and the reader is never certain if characters from the narrator’s life are drawn directly from the author’s real life family and friends, or to what degree they might be fictionalized.

Through the course of the book, we do find out much about the main character’s life and the accident that led up to the nde. All of this is woven into the fabric of the tunnel the main character traverses, as a necessary part of the journey.

There is a great deal of archetypal mythology woven in here as well, mostly drawn from the Mithraic legends. There are angels and demons, and many who could be one or the other, or neither.

 There are also other characters who are sharing this experience with the narrator. Others who are accompanying her through the tunnel in their own nde, and many who traverse the entire tunnel in death, never to return to the life they left behind.

The story is woven through substantial, complex yet prosaic sentences, compiled into solid paragraphs like bricks of fired clay. These bricks are laid by the hand of an experienced mason, building the structure of the tunnel itself, producing an experience so real that the reader could almost knock upon the walls to test their solidity.

If you are curious about nde’s, or if you doubt their veracity, then you owe it to yourself to check out this novella. Whether you walk away a believer, or whether it reinforces your own doubts, it is well worth the experience. I dare say; this is the closest you will come to an nde without actually having one.

Below is the recipe I teased you with…


Julia is a traditional girl at heart and before her accident she used to regularly make this gorgeous gingerbread – just like her mum taught her to!

What you will need:

8oz Self-Raising Flour

 2teaspoons ground ginger

 4oz dried fruit

 2oz Margarine

 2oz soft brown sugar

 4 large tablespoons of gooey black treacle

 Click link to learn what (black treacle) is…

 1 egg beaten with enough milk to make around one quarter of a pint

 Pinch of salt

 How to make it:

First of all mix together the flour, salt, dried fruit and ginger.   Then melt the margarine over a low heat, and stir in the brown sugar and gooey black treacle and add to the flour mix.   Gradually stir in the beaten egg and milk.   Pour into a well greased square cake tin and bake on Gas Mark 4 (180 degrees C. 350 degrees F.) For around 45 minutes. (Test with a skewer and make sure it comes out clear)

Leave to cool and then cut into dainty little squares.  Serve either on its own or with lashings of hot, creamy custard!

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Summer Author Interviews & Giveaway

This summer I will be on a writing sabbatical…no blogging. And in lieu of that fact, before I climb into the writing den, I wanted to tell you about all the interviews that authors are doing with me over the next few months. These lovely authors listed below are doing guest posts and interviews with me each month through the summer. The exact URL is not posted of the interview, with one exception, today’s guest post that Tamara Beard is doing with me. Otherwise, if not posted, you will have to check the date listed below and search each authors blog for the interview they did with me.

Besides being a writer, most of you know  me for doing author interviews on my blog…now, I am being interviewed. Since I am climbing into the den, I don’t know how often I will be coming out to scrape around for roots, berries and other fodder, or to  feel the sun on my back. Therefore, at the end of summer, I’m going to step my big ole paw out and I am going to each author’s blog and check for comments. From the commenters at each blog, I am going to choose (1) commenter to win a signed copy of my book.  YOUR CHOICE from my list of books that I have penned!

Interview Dates:

May 25, 2013 (Today) Tamara Beard Interview with Virginia Wright

June 7, 2013 Author Ingrid Hall Interview with Virginia Wright

July 1, 2013 Author Ashley Howland Interview with Virginia Wright

July 15, 2013 Interview Blog Hop | Interview with Virginia Wright

August 1, 2013 Author Raebeth Buda Interview with Virginia Wright ( Exact URL will be announced on my facebook page day of interview!)

Authors Blogs:

Tamara Beard Blog:

Author Ingrid Hall Blog:

Author Ashley Howland:

Author Raebeth Buda:


In the fall of the year, after I have come out of the den from my writing sabbatical, and have finished all of the interviews…I am going to pick (1) commenter from each interview to give away a paperback book to. The book will be YOUR choice, from my list of books!

Don’t forget the sun protection this summer…

Until we meet again,

(((Big Bear Hugs)))

-Virginia Wright

Amazon Buy Link

Crying Bear

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Blog | Virginia Wright – End of month updates…

I can hardly believe Christmas has come and gone. Usually by the day after Christmas, I take down my Christmas tree. This year seemed a little more hectic than usual, and I didn’t really get to enjoy my Christmas tree, therefore, I am leaving my tree up for a few more days to enjoy the Christmas lights and all my pretty ornaments!

Did you receive a Kindle for Christmas? I did!!!! Kindle Fire, I’m extremely excited. Kindle Amazon Prime Members–borrow my books Free from the Kindle Lending Library, with no due dates!

Jan.13 ,2013 download “The Christmas Secret” FREE on #Kindle. Note: Chap 5 had missing pages, this will update the previous version.

Also on Jan. 13, 2013, for all those new Kindle owners out there…all my books will be FREE to download. Mark your calendars, it is a one day giveaway!

In addition to my eBooks free…Author/Illustrator, Jodi Desautels will be offering her books for FREE on Kindle, Jan. 13, 2013 as well!!!

We have a talented line-up of author-illustrator interviews scheduled for January:

January 13, 2013 – Joe McCarthy | Author

(Book Giveaway)

January 20, 2013 – Jodi Desautels | Author,  Illustrator

(Book Giveaway)

January 27, 2013 – Tracy Campbell | Author, Illustrator

(To 2 winners – Set of 5 greeting cards each, giveaway, Cards illustrated by Tracy Campbell with her Whimsical art).

Authors-Illustrators, if you would like to be interviewed by me, on my blog, please email me ( info [at] virginiawright [dot] com ) for details. I am now scheduling for February 2013. Interviews run on Sunday’s.

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Seven Weeks To Christmas Author Interviews & Giveaways

Virginia Wright BlogHello Everyone! Beginning the first Sunday in November, (November 4th) through December 16th, I am hosting “Seven Weeks to Christmas Author Interviews and Giveaways.” This will be a chance to learn about authors you have not read and at the same time learn a little bit more about those who you have.


If you comment on the authors post the day of their interview, it enters you into a drawing for a chance to win their giveaway.  If you shout out about the event–such as on Facebook, Google+, Tweet, Pin, etc. each post counts towards an entry. You must return back to the author interview and post the URL where you broadcast the event. It’s that easy!

Each week I will be interviewing various authors who have so graciously agreed to visit my blog as Guest Author. I’m very excited to be hosting this event. I have met some wonderful authors online, and some of these in person, and what better way to get in the holiday spirit than to enter giveaways and win gifts everything from ebooks, to paperbacks, and other surprises!

Grand Prize Giveaway

On the last week of this event…I’m going to be giving away two copies of my latest book, The Christmas Secret, in paperback, as well as a few other goodies! (Not revealing what that is now. But it will be a fitting giveaway for Christmas). :-)

List of authors participating:

November 4th – Sherry Ellis

November 11th – Catherine Wolffe

November 18th – Sarah L, Bowman

November 25th – Launa McNeilly

November 25th – 

November 28th – Mario Joseph Cardarelli

December 2nd – Lisa Winkler

December 2nd – Jeremy Hawkins

December 9th – Dennis Higgins

December 9th – Joe Landers

December 16th – Virginia Wright (Me) Release Party Online for – “The Christmas Secret” – Nice swag giveaway!

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