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When I am not writing one of my own books, one of my favorite things to write about is other authors and post author interviews here on my blog. The reason for this is, I am bringing my readers into the world of writers.  As a writer and a seventeen time-book author myself, other authors never cease to amaze me. I have met some wonderful and talented writers, illustrators, and photographers that I now have meaningful relationships with, and all through doing interviews on the WWW. I hope that you will enjoy reading about some of my favorites. You may already know who some of these great talents are,  if not, maybe you will learn a little more about them. :-) Please follow my blog and you will be updated with new author interviews and other posts as they are published.  Other talented authors and illustrators not posted below but are mentioned on this blog are Vijai Sharma, Ashley Howland, Joe McCarthy, Jodi Desautels, Mario Joseph Cardarelli, Joe Landers, Ree Villaruel, and Alexa Bourne.

Enjoy!  –Virginia Wright

These author interviews are not posted in any particular order:

Deanie Dunne

Friday Spotlight: Deanie Dunne, Children’s Writer

Pistachio Cake Recipe

Dennis Higgins


Recipe| Dessert| Chocolate Dipped Peanut Butter Pretzel Bites by Dennis Higgins


Tracy Campbell


Sherry Ellis

Guest Author: Sherry Ellis Author of Ten Zany Birds

Paulette Forshey


Joe Pranaitis

February 17, 2013 – Author Interview With Joe Pranaitis

Eric VanRaepenbusch

Week 4 Nov. 25, 2012 Guest Author | Eric VanRaepenbusch Interview & Giveaway

Launa McNeilly

Week- 4 November 25, 2012 Guest Author | Launa McNeilly Interview & Giveaway

Rhonda Patton

Guest Author Rhonda Patton, Is A Super Talented Author and Graphic Artist!


Jeremy Hawkins

Week 5 – Dec. 2, 2012 An Interview With Graphic Designer/Author | Jeremy Hawkins & Giveaway

Daniel Caron


Jane Firebaugh



Lisa Winkler

Week 5 – Dec. 2,2012 Guest Author | Lisa K. Winkler Interview & Giveaway

Catherine Wolffe

Week 2 – Nov. 11, 2012 Guest Author | Catherine Wolffe Interview & Giveaway


Sarah Bowman

Week-3 November 18, 2012 Guest Author | Sarah Bowman Interview & Giveaway

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Paulette Forshey_Portrait1FRIDAY SPOTLIGHT & GIVEAWAY   7/29/16 – Paulette Forshey, is our guest author today. I have known Paulette as a virtual friend for a number of years.  I first learned about Paulette when I lived in Ohio and I searched out other Ohio authors.  While we did not live too far apart, regrettably we never got to meet in person. I have followed Paulette over the years and bought some of her books, too! She is an award-winning romance writer, with beautiful book covers and is an extremely supportive author friend of mine.  I bought one of her books recently with two heart-warming tales and I have mentioned it below—awesome book, Miracles From the Heart, and is just one of eight books by this author. Please give Paulette a warm welcome to the fan club and comment below for your chance to win her giveaway…she is giving away 1 book of choice, to two commenters.  Now give Paulette, some love! After reading this post, go to the fan club page to comment.


-Virginia Wright

From Here to Eternity, The Dennis Higgins and Virginia Wright Fan Club


Miracles From The HeartJ. Paulette, award-winning author, lives in a small Ohio town with her husband, and two dogs. Her mornings belong to her writing, her days are spent loving her five grandbabies, and her nights belong to her husband, the inspiration for her heroes.

Amazon Author Page:

You can reach Paulette at her web page:

Friend on Facebook:


Miracles From The Heart by J. Paulette Forshey

Magic of the Christmas Flute & The Christmas Gift

Two heart-warming tales of love, redemption, and what makes a family.


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Facebook Fan Club | Authors | The Dennis Higgins and Virginia Wright Fan Club

The Dennis Higgins and Virginia Wright Fan Club is a unique fan club that will be a place for all authors (and others) to showcase their work. A place for readers to win FREE stuff. A place for fun. Authors, artists, proprietors, will be scheduled on a regular basis for giveaways. Free stuff is great!

Please join our Fan Club!! Click here. Virginia and Dennis welcome you. This is also a good way to keep up on new book releases, giveaways, and author news from Dennis Higgins and I (Virginia Wright).

Front Cover_1


Tomorrow April 19th, Buzzzzzzzz What Honeybees Do will be FREE on Kindle. To be entered into the Paperback giveaway,  download the eBook, review it on Amazon, then go to the fan club page and tell us that you reviewed Buzzzzzzzz What Honeybees Do, you will be entered into the paperback giveaway. Good luck! 

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From Here to Eternity The Dennis Higgins/Virginia Wright Fan Club|Authors

Dennis Higgins and I (Virginia Wright) became Facebook author friends back in April of 2012. We became close after discovering that we both lost siblings too early in life, we adopted each other as virtual brother and sister. Often people think we actually are blood siblings.

In 2014, Dennis asked if I would be willing to do some illustrations for his book, Steampunk Alice. I ran with it and not only made illustrations for the interior but ended up illustrating the entire front cover. It won 1st place in the 2014 Author DB cover contest. Thanks, Brother! I appreciated the illustrating challenge. :-)


Contact Information:

Dennis’ Email:
Virginia’s Email:



Virginia Wright:
Raised and grew up in the state of Maine throughout her childhood and into her teen years. Virginia is author and illustrator of several children’s books– Wild Animal Sounds, Crying Bear: Yes, Bears Cry Sometimes, too, The Princess and the Castle, and The Prince and the Dragon. Virginia is also author of an educational, non-fiction book: Buzzzzzzzz What Honeybees Do. Plus two Christmas books: The Christmas Secret deemed a Christmas Classic, and Timothy, the Christmas Mouse is her latest release.
Virginia says lately, she has found her love of words in children’s writing; though she has been known to write in other genres.  She presently lives in the beautiful state of Maine. When she isn’t sifting through recipes, cooking, or photographing, her time is spent as a freelance writer, with her pen and pad in hand, doing what she enjoys doing most, writing…
Dennis Higgins:
Relative of Davy Crockett…World traveler.
As a native of Chicago, Illinois, I have always possessed a romance with things of the past that are gone but not forgotten.  I now live in the suburbs with my lovely wife, our dog and a couple of birds.
Among my influences are:  Richard Matheson, Jack Finney, Dean Koontz, Michael Crichton, Joan Wester Anderson, Peter S. Beagle and Audrey Neffenegger .The Time Pilgrims series is exciting, treasured, and loved by YA, NA as well as adults.
“I once courted a Victorian lass in old Chicago. We had to part, it just wasn’t our time.”


Steampunk Alice – A Novella – Dennis Higgins & Virginia Wright (Illustrator) {LINK}

Our Day of Passing – Dennis Higgins & Virginia Wright (Contributors) {LINK}

Parallel Roads (Lost on Route 66) – Dennis Higgins {LINK}
Katya and Cyrus Time Pilgrims – Dennis Higgins {LINK}
Almost Yesterday – Dennis Higgins {LINK}
Tomorrow’s Borrowed Trouble – Dennis Higgins {LINK}
Pennies From Across the Veil – Dennis Higgins {LINK}

The Old Scrapbook – Dennis Higgins {LINK}
Buzzzzzzzz…: What Honeybees Do {LINK}
Timothy, the Christmas Mouse – Virginia Wright {LINK}
Timothy the Christmas Mouse Coloring Book For Children – Virginia Wright {LINK}
Wild Animal Sounds – Virginia Wright {LINK}
Crying Bear: Yes, Bears Cry Sometimes, too – Virginia Wright {LINK}
The Princess and the Castle: A Fairy Tale – Virginia Wright {LINK}
The Prince and the Dragon – Virginia Wright {LINK}
The Christmas Secret – Virginia Wright {LINK}

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Our Day of Passing Anthology | FREE eBook by 30 Authors | Short Stories, Poems, and Essays

FREE! FREE! FREE! eBook, February 19th – February 23rd, 2016

I’m especially excited as two of my poems are in this Anthology: Picture Memories and Life, Love, Inevitably Death.

Scroll down and read about Our Day of Passing and then click on the link for your free eBook. Enjoy! -Virginia Wright

Our Day of PassingOur Day of Passing: An Anthology of Short Stories, Poems, and Essays

With this project, Ingrid asks, Do you have a macabre fascination with death and the afterlife?

If so, then this anthology is definitely for you. While some see the subject of death as too morbid to contemplate, others such as the skilled writers that have contributed to this anthology, view it as the perfect subject to stimulate creative thinking. Much like ‘love’ and ‘war’, the topic of death has the ability to draw out some of the most thought-provoking pieces ever to fill a blank sheet of paper.

Our Day of Passing is formed from an eclectic and diverse mix of short stories, poems, fictions and essays. Contributions have been assembled from over 30 talented writers across the globe, each with their own fascinating interpretation of an event that comes to us all…eventually.

Written by Ingrid Hall, Franco Esposito, Dennis Higgins, Virginia Wright, Candida Spillard, Valeri Beers, Dada Vedaprajinananda, Strider Marcus Jones, Adam E. Morrison, Allyson Lima, D. B. Mauldin, David A. Slater, David King, Dee Thompson, Donald Illich, Edward Meiman, Eileen Hugo, Emily Olson, Joan McNerney, J.S. Little, Kin Asdi, Madison Meadows, Malobi Sinha, Marianne Szlyk, Mark Aspa, Mark David McClure, Megan Caito, Michael Brookes, Michael Burke, Pijush Kanti Deb, Prince Adewale Oreshade, Rafeeq O. McGiveron, Robin Reiss, Sasha Kasoff, Stephanie Buosi, Talia Haven

Whether they resonate with your own circumstances or provide new wisdom or something to ponder over, each of these carefully selected pieces will undoubtedly unlock a series of emotions within you. The anthology has been written in such a way that it can either be devoured or dipped in and out of as your emotions dictate. Either way, you can expect to feel a greater sense of self and enlightenment from reading it.

FREE eBook Click Here   |   More About Ingrid Hall 


Pennies From Across the Veil by Dennis Higgins, one of the authors of Our Day of Passing says, “My own fascination with the subject has led me to write an entire story about it, based on true events.”


Pennies From Across The Veil By Dennis Higgins is a uniquely written love story. It is being told by the main character, who is telling the story in what seems to be a dark place (you will have to read the story to understand this). The characters are well created, and at times they have me smiling, at other times, they give me goosebumps. Throughout the whole story, I found my eyes welling up over several touching moments. Pennies From Across The Veil has it all– I can see this story being turned into an on-screen movie and out in theaters. I definitely recommend this read. In my opinion, this is Dennis Higgins best book to date! -Virginia Wright

I thoroughly enjoyed Pennies From Across the Veil. Intriguing, a bit mysterious, and definitely heartfelt, the characters felt “real.” The innovative way the story is told (from where I cannot reveal, because that is much of the mystery here!) is very unique and kept me reading. I read the whole book while traveling – waiting in line to board the plane(s), in flight, and waiting for my baggage at the end of a long day. Most especially I loved the touches of physical manifestation of a spirit’s love. The pennies…so cool! You have to read this book to know what I’m talking about – but don’t think you can guess the ending, it’s a very cool twist. I received a complimentary copy of this book to read/review, but that in no way influenced my rating or comments. Thank you, Mr. Higgins!  -Aaron P. Lazar

More about Virginia Wright Click Here

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