Soledad California’s Little Free Library – TAKE A BOOK ~ RETURN A BOOK Excellent Program

Kim from Little Free Library (Charter #35502) located in Soledad, CA contacted me asking if I would donate a book to Soledad’s Little Free Library. She told me that they have recently started spotlighting authors through “Author Of The Week” where they feature info about the author and they display the info on their bulletin board next to their library. They also feature the author and book on their Facebook page.

I wondered how the program worked and asked if she could give me a little history about the free library? How long it has existed. How many people check books in and out. Do they have a sign-out sheet, etc., Kim told me that their Little Free Library has been up and running since January 2016. The first year they successfully put 556 books into the hands of happy readers, from kids to adults! They are the only Little Free Library in their town, located near three schools (two elementary schools & a middle school), so they get quite a few kids and their parents walking by. They also get visitors who drive from different areas of the town just to get a book. The motto for Little Free Library is “TAKE A BOOK – LEAVE A BOOK!”

Some pass the book on to a brother, sister, friend, etc. They don’t use a sign-out sheet; they just encourage people to read!

I have a package with six books all ready to send out to Soledad’s Little Free Library. If other author’s want to donate books, please contact Kim Binsacca on her Facebook page

Thanks, Kim for contacting me. I’m elated to donate to such an excellent reading program…can’t wait to get my books in the hands of “happy readers!”

-Virginia Wright

To start your own Little Free Libary in your area:

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World Read Aloud Day February 24, 2016

Virginia Brown_Virginia Dutch2In honor of World Read Aloud Day, I thought I would share a photo of my grandmother reading The Night Before Christmas to me.  From a young girl, I wanted to be a writer.  But, I never imagined back then, one day that I would grow up and write my own Christmas book. Goosies!

Reading is extremely important, not only for pleasure but for developing skills needed in everyday life. When reading aloud, you can put so much expression in the voice as the story unfolds. Children love being read to and when they can read, they love reading to others.

In 1998, while I was teaching at St. John’s Preschool and Kindergarten in Ocean Springs, Mississippi, I  implemented a reading program in my class that I penned, Book-A-Day.  This would help promote children’s reading literacy in my classroom and to get young children interested in reading every day.  I found that young children had much more interest in story time when it was made part of a daily schedule.  Instead of my students just bringing in a book on Show & Tell Day, every day of the school week, children took turns bringing in a book. It was an easy plan to establish… because I simply asked the child who had the turn to bring in the snack of the day– to also bring in a book.  I found that the interest was two-fold in story time, and while teaching for three years at St. John’s,  I kept  the Book-A-Day program in place, in my classroom. Book-A-Day is a reading literacy awareness effort that I hope to make every preschool and kindergarten class aware of.
Now go read!

VIRGINIA WRIGHT is the author of Timothy the Christmas Mouse and the companion book, Timothy the Christmas Mouse Coloring Book For Children. 


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Promote Reading Literacy

     Writing what I know is always the easiest, but taking on a challenge just inspires me.  I’ve always been a believer in incorporating story time in a child’s daily routine.  Reading to a child is so important, that research shows that if you read a book to a small child every day, that by the time they reach kindergarten– they could already be reading themselves.  Now that is what I call a worthwhile investment in your child’s future!

       Just fifteen minutes a day for story time is a powerful beginning to promoting reading literacy.

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