Christmas Coloring Book 2017 Release by Author & Illustrator Virginia Wright…just in time for Christmas

Christmas Coloring Book

This is my latest release, a Christmas Coloring Book, the 7th coloring book in the Practice Your Way to Perfect Collection. I hope you enjoy it. For all of you that don’t know, I not only write books, but I also illustrate. Tomorrow (11/16/2017), if you go to my Facebook page I will be launching the official release of this coloring book with a giveaway.

You might wonder what age this book is for…
Child, teen or adult this book is for everyone! With five designs and five pages of each, you can color page one of the design, and if you go outside of the lines, or decide on a different color; you have four more additional pages of the same design to color. Keep coloring until you practice your way to perfect! Includes blank Draw Your Own Art pages to practice drawing your art, this book will bring relaxing moments and joy to all those who turn the pages of this book. Practice Your Way to Perfect: Christmas Coloring Book is a great way for adults to relax and de-stress while having fun!

Back Cover

* Coloring – is an excellent way for children and adults to develop their hand-eye coordination
* 8 x10 single-sided non-perforated coloring pages suitable for framing
* Draw your own art pages* Coloring encourages fine motor skills development
* Christmas (church, cardinals, wreath, ornaments, and gift) designs are an excellent way to have fun while honing coloring skills

Church Coloring Page with Frame





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“Color Away Stress through Creativity!”
Virginia Wright


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on May 16, 2017
Format: Paperback
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Format: Paperback
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The Cover I Illustrated “Steampunk Alice” by Dennis Higgins Brought Home the Gold

Gold Winner_Book Cover Finalist 2014 Authorsdb

Steampunk Alice, written by Dennis Higgins,  and illustrated by me (Virginia Wright), won the Gold in the Authorsdb 2014 Cover Contest. I’m so excited, I just  had to blog about it!!!! 

When I first began illustrating, it was only for my own books: Buzzzzzzzz What Honeybees Do, Crying Bear, The Princess and the Castle, The Prince and the Dragon, The Christmas Secret, and my latest release: Wild Animal Sounds

Then, I met Dennis Higgins, and eventually he told me about a book he was writing (Steampunk Alice), and asked me if I would consider doing some art for it. I hesitated, but asked him to give me a brief description of what he envisioned his character, Steampunk Alice, would look like. I set my WIP aside, and began working on Alice. He liked it, and from that point on, I worked for a number of months on the cover, that Dennis also liked, and chose to use. And, I also did a a few of the book illustrations. 

The cover was entered in the 2014 Authorsdb Cover Contest, and brought home the Gold. For someone who had never gone to an art school, and didn’t start illustrating until late in life,  and never illustrated for anyone other than herself (until now), I can tell you that I am more than elated!!!

Steampunk Alice is a GREAT ‘Time-Travel’ book.  I am extremely proud that the cover brought home the Gold for the author, Dennis Higgins. Thanks go out to: the voters,  and Authorsdb. 

A special goes out to Dennis Higgins.  Thanks for believing in me, brother, as an author, artist, and for submitting the cover into the contest. Yippee! We brought home the (Gold).

I am currently working on my next writing and illustrating project, an adorable children’s Christmas book that is slated for release Fall 2015, titled: Timothy the Christmas Mouse. 

Lastly, I am also going to work on something that is not my usual genre…. Stay tuned. :-) 

Wishing you all a happy, healthy, and blessed new year!
-Virginia Wright

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