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I’m truly not into bragging… And so I don’t talk about the awards or different things where I win accolades. I do post exciting author news once and then I move on. For me, the biggest award is when I get a good review of one of my books– that, says it all for me. It says to me, that somehow I touched someone’s life in some way.  For a writer-illustrator, it can’t get any better than that. Back around Christmas, I received an email with a copy of a page that was colored of me from one of my coloring books. Wow! It was colored just beautifully and the little girl gave me her ginger-colored hair. Wow! Wow! Wow! I loved it. That is quite an award in my book. The fact that the little girl chose to color my B&W author photo and that her parent took the time to message me about it, was pretty special.

Recently, I had a conversation with a couple of other authors about contests and awards. I also read post after post from other author’s with their opinions on entering contests. While winning some awards help bring attention to our books or art designs, some don’t. Some contests ask for money and some don’t. Contests come in all shapes and size, some are legit and others aren’t. What I gathered from all that I read is to research the contests. If they ask for money, make sure that the award seal you might win is from a contest that is reputable.

I put a link here on my blog where I have author news that includes updates on what is going on with me in the author-design world if you would like to check it out click here.

If you read one of my books or another author’s book– write a review. Reviews help authors– and a good review is the best award of all. If you don’t particularly like the book, instead of writing a bad review, message the author and let them know why you didn’t write the review. That will help the author in the future.

Lastly, all writers if you love writing- just keep writing, contest or not. Illustrator-designers–keep designing!

-Virginia Wright

Christmas Coloring Book 2017 Release by Author & Illustrator Virginia Wright…just in time for Christmas

Christmas Coloring Book

This is my latest release, a Christmas Coloring Book, the 7th coloring book in the Practice Your Way to Perfect Collection. I hope you enjoy it. For all of you that don’t know, I not only write books, but I also illustrate. Tomorrow (11/16/2017), if you go to my Facebook page I will be launching the official release of this coloring book with a giveaway.

You might wonder what age this book is for…
Child, teen or adult this book is for everyone! With five designs and five pages of each, you can color page one of the design, and if you go outside of the lines, or decide on a different color; you have four more additional pages of the same design to color. Keep coloring until you practice your way to perfect! Includes blank Draw Your Own Art pages to practice drawing your art, this book will bring relaxing moments and joy to all those who turn the pages of this book. Practice Your Way to Perfect: Christmas Coloring Book is a great way for adults to relax and de-stress while having fun!

Back Cover

* Coloring – is an excellent way for children and adults to develop their hand-eye coordination
* 8 x10 single-sided non-perforated coloring pages suitable for framing
* Draw your own art pages* Coloring encourages fine motor skills development
* Christmas (church, cardinals, wreath, ornaments, and gift) designs are an excellent way to have fun while honing coloring skills

Church Coloring Page with Frame





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“Color Away Stress through Creativity!”
Virginia Wright


What reviewers are saying: 

on May 16, 2017
Format: Paperback
on May 15, 2017
Format: Paperback
on May 18, 2017
Format: Paperback





Birds of Maine Coloring Book for All Ages Released by Maine Author

$5.95 on and other online bookstores

I was inspired to create the coloring pages for the Birds of Maine Coloring Book as I was born and grew up in Maine. I love Maine and have seen many a snowy day where the birds are brilliantly silhouetted with their color on the sparkling winter scenery. And I thought there was no way to better honor my cherished state than to create a coloring book with illustrations to color of birds you can find in your own backyard in Maine. Birds were a perfect fit for my Practice Your Way to Perfect coloring book collection. Child, teen or adult this book is for everyone! With five designs and five pages of each, you can color page one of the design, and if you go outside of the lines, or decide on a different color; you have four more additional pages of the same design to color. Keep coloring until you practice your way to perfect! This book also includes blank Draw Your Own Art pages to practice drawing your art; Practice Your Way to Perfect: Birds of Maine Coloring Book will bring relaxing moments and joy to all those who turn the pages of this book. 

 Coloring – is an excellent way to relax and de-stress yourself!
  • 8 x10 single-sided non-perforated pages
  • Draw your own art pages
  • Bird designs suitable for framing
 “Color Away Stress through Creativity!”
-Virginia Wright, Author & Illustrator

B & W Coloring Page from Birds of Maine Coloring Book by Virginia Wright

What reviewers are saying:
Great Concept and Illustrations (Gorgeous)
I received this coloring book for an honest review. I love Virginia Wright’s unique concept of “Practice Your Way to Perfect”. I love Virginia’s illustrations. I collaborated with her in the past with the Steampunk Alice novella and coloring book. The illustrations were wonderful and this is no exception. Birds of Maine Coloring Book is marvelous. Just look at that gorgeous cover. Buy it, sit back and relax as you Practice Your Way to Perfect.
 April 21, 2017
Format: Paperback


Soledad California’s Little Free Library – TAKE A BOOK ~ RETURN A BOOK Excellent Program

Kim from Little Free Library (Charter #35502) located in Soledad, CA contacted me asking if I would donate a book to Soledad’s Little Free Library. She told me that they have recently started spotlighting authors through “Author Of The Week” where they feature info about the author and they display the info on their bulletin board next to their library. They also feature the author and book on their Facebook page.

I wondered how the program worked and asked if she could give me a little history about the free library? How long it has existed. How many people check books in and out. Do they have a sign-out sheet, etc., Kim told me that their Little Free Library has been up and running since January 2016. The first year they successfully put 556 books into the hands of happy readers, from kids to adults! They are the only Little Free Library in their town, located near three schools (two elementary schools & a middle school), so they get quite a few kids and their parents walking by. They also get visitors who drive from different areas of the town just to get a book. The motto for Little Free Library is “TAKE A BOOK – LEAVE A BOOK!”

Some pass the book on to a brother, sister, friend, etc. They don’t use a sign-out sheet; they just encourage people to read!

I have a package with six books all ready to send out to Soledad’s Little Free Library. If other author’s want to donate books, please contact Kim Binsacca on her Facebook page

Thanks, Kim for contacting me. I’m elated to donate to such an excellent reading program…can’t wait to get my books in the hands of “happy readers!”

-Virginia Wright

To start your own Little Free Libary in your area:

Butterfly Watercolour by Charu of a Monarch Butterfly by Nature Photographer Virginia Wright

Watercolour by Charu Jain of Virginia Wright’s Monarch Butterfly on Joe-Pye Weed Photograph.

A week or so ago, I posted a Monarch butterfly photograph that I took in my bee and butterfly garden. Many of you know that one of my favorite things to do besides writing is photographing nature and foodstuff.  Well, on Facebook,  I posted this beautiful Monarch butterfly feasting on Joe-Pye Weed (below), and Charu Jain of Watercolour by Charu,  from Bangalore, India, messaged me that she would like to paint my photograph. I told her I didn’t mind, but if she used it anywhere, that I would like to be given credit for my photograph. :-) Charu agreed, and quickly got to work and created a beautiful watercolor of my butterfly. We both captured a moment in time from that one photograph. As my photograph inspired Charu to do her watercolor, my photographs inspire me in my illustrations, too. As a matter of fact, I illustrated two butterfly coloring books (go figure). Practice Your Way to Perfect: Butterflies Coloring Book and Practice Your Way to Perfect: Butterflies Coloring Book 2. I’ve always loved watching butterflies flitting here and there with their beautiful colors, it seemed fitting for me to illustrate a coloring book with butterflies. :-) You can find more of my nature photography on Instagram.  Charu is the illustrator of Ten Zany Birds by Sherry Ellis. You can learn more about Charu here. It touched my heart to have such a talented artist want to paint “my” photography. Beautiful job Charu! Thank you for wanting to paint my butterfly. Xo

-Virginia Wright

Monarch Butterfly on Joe-Pye Weed, Copyright 2017 Virginia Wright